RTITB Accredited Forklift training

Is there such a thing as a Forklift Licence?

Some of the question’s we are commonly asked –

  • Can I get my forklift licence?
  • My licence has ran out, can I update it?
  • Is it a proper licence or In-House?

We have decided to answer some of these questions here to help people understand how it all works.

Firstly it is important to make clear there is no such thing as a Forklift Truck Licence in the UK. This is clearly stated in the HSE’s Approved Code Of Practice L117Β . There are several training courses available for operators of Forklift trucks from a Novice level through to a Refresher level, on completion of the training the operator is either just issued Certification by the training provider, or they are registered with an Accrediting body such as the RTITB, given a unique registration number that is then placed onto the Certification and Photo ID. The latter is the best qualification as training companies providing this training are heavily monitored by the Accrediting Body to ensure standards are high and correct course durations are met.

There is actually no requirement to provide any certification under the ACOP’s mentioned above, however we like to provide all trainees with a high quality certificate and Photo ID regardless of whether they choose In-House or Accredited training.